A Family’s Milanese Apartment Is Reimagined With Miles of Tiles


Project Details:

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Architects: Atelierzero / @vallriberaarquitectes

Foot Print: Approx. 1,600 square feet

Photographer: Simone Furiosi / @xsimus

From the Architect: «The main goal for this mid-nineteenth century Milanese apartment was to take a contemporary approach that could fit within the unique soul of the original space. The internal distribution has undergone some changes to meet the needs of thenew tenants, a couple with two children, who often love to host friends and familyat home. The dining room and the living room, initially divided by an internal wall, have beenunited, creating a single ample space defined by a calm green color. The prominent feature of the apartment is its long hallway, which connects the living and sleeping areas and creates fascinating perspectives. Here, the original and diverse floors have been removed and replaced with acontinuous surface of contemporary cement tiles, which, referring to the traditional Milanese ones, give a touch of contemporaneity thanks to their geometric design. The main bathroom has undergone the most important renovation, combining travertine details with Moroccan design tiles, which juxtapose the flooring of thecorridor. The existing most defining design elements, such as wooden doors and their decorative details, classic stucco ceilings, and elegant wooden floors, have been maintained, offering a counterpart to the contemporary materials, finishes, and colors of the project. Besides allowing a sense of continuity to the renovation process, this also provides contrast with the juxtaposed new elements.»

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