Sebastian Herkner’s Tote lounge chair offers advanced level of comfort delivering tailored upholstery with functionality to corporate, hospitality, and educational interiors


Offenbach am Main, Germany

The result of the inaugural collaboration between Sebastian Herkner and Davis Furniture is the Tote lounge chair, a light-scale lounge chair designed to be used collectively or individually, and is characterized by its ease of movement and adaptability.

Tote Lounge Chair by Herkner

Tote lounge chair has recently won a 2022 Prize Designs for Modern Furniture and Lighting from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and Global Design News.

With a leather handle affixed to the back of the seat and casters hidden beneath the base, Tote can easily be moved from one space to another, perfect for establishing space for impromptu meetings, conferencing or a private nook for individual reflection.

Tote Lounge Chair by Herkner

Designed to work together in small groups or as part of larger lounge configurations, Tote has a contemporary aesthetic, offering adaptability, warmth, and ease within high-traffic spaces such as lobbies, collaborative zones, or leisure areas.

By seamlessly blending the mobility of a traditional task chair with the scale and comfort of a lounge chair, Tote creates a unique, flexible solution for an assortment of applications.

Tote is available with a caster base for movement or with glides, perfect for creating stationary spaces.

It also features a decorative welt that surrounds the seat before it graphically cascades down the chair’s back.

Project: Tote Lounge Chair
Designers: Sebastan Herkner, Sebastian Herkner Studio
Manufacturer: Davis Furniture Industries Inc.

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