10 Memes About That Wise Mystical Tree


There’s a bunch of interesting images going around right now about a wise old tree. Now, if you’re not over 25 and don’t own a computer, you might not know what this meme is referring to, but that statement is essentially this whole meme in a nutshell, since it also references lots of ads about how anyone over that age who has online access absolutely must play Stormfront: Age of War.

Anyone who’s seen these ads before understands the weird vibes the tree gives off, and that’s why it’s become such a huge meme. Is it an effective advertisement? Probably not, but it certainly does make some entertaining memes. We don’t really know much about the tree unless we’ve actually played the game, and most people referencing it haven’t, so don’t worry, you don’t need to know the lore to know you’re creeped out by this tree. Here are some of our favorite new memes about the wise old tree.

Here to Help

oh no my dad is driving drunk someone stop him!


I guess it solved that problem?

He Still Thinks He Knows Everything

USG USgamer @USgamernet You've likely seen this ad for Stormfall online. I love the tree's expression. "You're asking me for war strategies? I'm a damn tree, son." Stormfall: Age of War 5:00 PM - May 3, 2017 TweetDeck Sponsored Plant Ecoregion Nature Water Natural landscape Natural environment Organism Terrestrial plant Vegetation Biome Grass Tree Font Adaptation Landscape Forest Trunk


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