12 Memes About The Recent ‘GTA VI’ Leak


Much to everyone’s surprise, the long-anticipated upcoming title in the GTA series has been leaked. When a supposedly 16 year old hacker revealed 90+ videos of potential new footage of their new game, we were skeptical at first. However, after Rockstar officially confirmed the leak in a tweet, it was all the confirmation we needed.

While the gameplay is still in very early development, it appears to show 2 protagonists in the game, one male and one female, which does have some controversy on its own. Many have also pointed out that the gameplay doesn’t look very great but fail to realize that this is footage from the very early stages of development, so you can’t expect it to be perfect. In my opinion, leaks are never great for any form of media, since it ruins the fun for both the excited fans and the developers who worked so hard on their projects. But while Rockstar Games is in damage control mode, the online community has been filled with lots of funny memes about the whole situation, here are some of our favorites.

This Time It’s Real

Maybe: Ashton @Ashton_DNKTC Rockstar finding out GTA 6 is trending for a real reason this time 7:54 AM Sep 18, 2022 Twitter Web App ... 5,161 Retweets 86 Quote Tweets 67.5K Likes Ye Mirzapur Forehead Font Adaptation Technology


(Source: Twitter)

I guess all the fake GTA 6 Leaks finally caught up with them.

Very Impatient

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(Source: Reddit)

Looks like fans aren’t satisfied with just one leak for an upcoming Rockstar game.

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