‘Loki Season 2’ Leak Gives Many Entertainment-starved Disney+ Fans A Refreshing Reprieve


Disney+ streaming fans unenthused with the platform’s current lineup of content finally have something to feast on. With the Disney expo underway, attendees were given an exclusive look at the season two trailer for Marvel’s Loki, which is widely considered one of the best streaming series produced on the platform.

As is typical for the internet, this unreleased season two teaser was swiftly recorded and uploaded for all to see, creating a massive hype train in the process as it spread online today.

@zeroisurher0 First look at the Loki season 2 leaked trailer, credit goes out to @joroz24 ♬ Most Wanted – Tokyomane

While videos of the leak were being removed from Twitter shortly after being released, the audience at large was able to view the content and grab screenshots of their favorite moments, as well as start trying to piece together quotes and understand how the story will unfold.

With Loki and the TSA operative Mobius being prominently featured together in the original buddy-cop format of season one, many have been posting about «Lokius,» which is the ship name for the two characters, while others have been posting about how needed this series is to make MCU streaming relevant again.

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