November’s Dankest Memes From Reddit’s ‘Dank Memes’


If you have ever spent some time on the social media site Reddit there is a very high chance that you would have seen a meme or two from the subreddit /r/dankmemes. It is here that dank memes are born. The subreddit only allows original content memes that follow the sub’s rules, meaning that people posting there must have met the required karma threshold and standards before being able to share their dank memes.

And from there, only the dankest, funniest and most creative memes end up receiving enough upvotes to become a successful meme. And the rest is history, with most of the posts on /r/DankMemes being shared all around the internet on all the various social media platforms. With nearly 6 million members it is no surprise that there is a never-ending supply of dank memes. But not to worry, we have saved you the job of sorting through them all by sharing the most popular ones from this month below!

The Is for me? meme template is a popular image of an emoji face with two fingers pointing together, usually paired with a joke relating to ownership of something.

This meme is about climate activists who poured canned soup onto a famous piece of art. Luckily there was glass protecting it.

We all know we’ve got a skeleton inside of us. But is this skeleton doing some sneaky things behind our back?

The metaverse became a meme almost instantly after it was announced. And with there being hardly any improvements since then, it continues to be a meme today.

The pronunciation of ‘gif’ remains a controversial topic – some say it with a soft g (jif), but most prefer to say it with a hard g (gif).

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