September’s Dankest Memes From Reddit’s ‘Dank Memes’


When Redditors visit /r/DankMemes, they know that they’re in for one hell of a ride. It’s known to be one of the most popular places on Reddit to find memes. With nearly 6 million members and hundreds of new posts a day, the sub is known for its high-quality, hilarious, edgy and witty posts.

Users contribute their original content dank memes to the subreddit all day every day, meaning there are always memes to see and always laughs to be had. Users can enjoy any type of meme – from video memes to image memes. And it is no surprise that many original memes are born on this subreddit before being shared and reposted around on different online platforms for all to view. So enjoy these dank memes from the month of September below!

This meme uses the highly popular girls vs boys meme template.

Task manager is a powerful tool that all programs should fear. But what happens when task manager fails to respond?

The meme above is about the popular game ‘Bloons Tower Defence,’ where the objective is to pop balloons.

Whilst the image on the right is actually taken from the James Webb telescope, the image on the left is in fact of a pond with some ducks.

A clever and witty version of the panik kalm meme format has resulted in this panik klam verison.

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