Tampax Somehow Angers Both Right And Left With ‘We Are Not The Same’ Meme


In yet another example of corporate memeing gone wrong, feminine care company Tampax has somehow managed to anger people from across the political spectrum for different reasons with a We Are Not the Same joke.

Yesterday morning, Tampax tweeted, «You’re in their DMs. We’re in them. We are not the same.»

Without thinking about it too deeply, one can almost see why this would be an on-brand joke for a tampon company. It’s technically true that tampons are literally inside their users, so the tweet can generously be viewed as a clever little bit of wordplay.

Twitter has never been thought of by many as having a «generous» readership, however, and the backlash led the hashtag «#BoycottTampax» to trend on Twitter.

Interestingly, the tweet seemingly rubbed many conservatives, TERFs and feminists badly for different reasons. First, some feminists took issue with the tweet, noting that young girls menstruate, so it was inappropriate for the company to make an apparent sex joke when children use it.

Reactions from TERFs and conservatives followed, taking issue with the fact Tampax used the pronoun «their» instead of «her,» an apparent acknowledgment that some people who use tampons are transgender.

While Tampax has been getting a decent amount of heat for its tweet, the people behind its Twitter account don’t seem too bothered. The brand quickly tweeted that it «refused to let Twitter shut down before we shared this tweet» and riffed about its joke in the tweet’s replies.

Others have tweeted that the backlash is overblown and that the tweet was a decent joke and didn’t need to be read as so salacious by some of the most aggrieved commenters.

In perhaps a related bit of information, Tampax recently ran an ad campaign with Amy Schumer, who now serves as the company’s Twitter header image.

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