The Chills wrapped up their tour with Unwed Sailor at Baby’s All Right (pics, review, setlist)


New Zealand indie icons The Chills wrapped up their North American tour in the same place they started it, NYC, with an intimate Brooklyn show at Baby’s All Right. Led as always by Martin Phillipps, the current lineup of the group is pretty great, with very enthusiastic drummer Todd Knudson, Erica Scally, who switched between guitar and violin the whole evening, bassist Calum Hampton, who sang backup and played trumpet on a song or two, and keyboardist Oli Wilson — they all really helped bring 40 years of Chills songs to life.

Phillipps and the rest of the band were in great spirits, joking with the crowd a little and taking a few questions as well. There are so many great Chills songs and the band played a lot of them, mixing classics like «Male Monster From the ID,» «The Oncoming Day,» «Doldrums,» «Submarine Bells,» «Kaleidoscope World,» «Heavenly Pop Hit,» «Rolling Moon,» and «I Love Leather Jacket» with excellent newer songs including «Destiny,» «Night of Blue Chill,» «Monolith,» and more that fit right in. They also played «Double Summer,» which wasn’t on the setlist. Great show in front of a very appreciative crowd. Check out the printed setlist below.

Phillipps shared a little news as well, saying that a new remastered edition of the band’s 1987 debut album, Brave Words, will be out next year as a double LP set with bonus tracks. They’re also working on a «lost» Chills album of demos from the group’s first seven years before they released an album. Stay tuned for details on all that.

Opening the show — and the whole tour — was Unwed Sailor, the long-running post-rock project of former Pedro the Lion member Johnathon Ford. Photos by P Squared  of their set, and more of The Chills, are below.

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