Minions take over on ‘The Office’

If you thought nothing can ever take over your obsession with The Office, imagine yellow-coloured, even more chatty, adorable versions of your favourite characters entering Dunder Mifflin!

On Wednesday, nine years after the blockbuster show ended, the series collaborated with the upcoming Despicable Me spinoff movie, Minions: The Rise of Gru and dropped a minion edit for its promo for fans to go gaga over.

The clip sees minions taking over the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company and replacing it with Dunder Minion Evil Company, Inc. A surprise crossover no one expected has now gone viral and will be remembered for years to come — followed by the innumerous fan edits borne from it by fans of both franchises. What makes the mixed intro even more interesting is Steve Carell’s role as the Gru in the first minion franchise.

The Office’s official account also tweeted the video and wrote, “This Office x Minions crossover is a dream that we’ve had since lunch and we’re not giving it up now.”

In the recreation of the workplace mockumentary’s opening credits scene, Michael has been replaced by Gru in the big boss role, who couldn’t be more pleased about the company’s recent upward evil trend. Since Minions are at heart sycophants, it makes sense that perhaps the most famous Minion, Kevin, takes the desk of Scranton’s biggest grovel, Dwight (Rainn Wilson). We also get Stuart subbing for Jim (John Krasinski), Bob showing his range and playing Pam (Jenna Fischer) and new Minion Otto filling in for Kevin (Brian Baumgartner).

From Kevin’s infamous chilli spillover scene to Meredith’s purple dress to Jim and Pam’s adorable relationship, this edit will make you want to rewatch both: The Office and Despicable Me. This crossover has only hyped up the upcoming film, Minions: The Rise of Gru, a prequel to 2015’s Minions. The film arrives in theatres July 1.

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