13 Best Chinese Beef Recipes for Dinner


The next time you’re craving takeout, save yourself some money and make one of these quick, easy, and scrumptious Chinese beef recipes at home.

Some are spicy, and some are sweet, but they’re all incredibly delicious. 

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Homemade Mongolian Beef with Rice and Green Onions in a White Plate

I’ve always enjoyed Chinese food. But a trip to China cemented my love for the cuisine for life.

There’s something especially wonderful about how they cook meat. It’s always so flavorful and tender – unless it’s crispy, that is!

And while I love chicken, pork, and seafood, these Chinese beef recipes are my faves.

Easy Mongolian Beef and More Chinese Beef Recipes That Will Make You Drool 

Beef and broccoli is one of my absolute favorite Chinese dishes.

Each bite is so flavorful and bursting with umami goodness, even broccoli haters ask for seconds.

And this quick skillet version makes it super easy for you to enjoy!

It’s even healthy (ish), so you can feel good about serving this to your loved ones. 

Featuring thin strips of tender beef flank steak and perfectly cooked broccoli, it’s colorful and wonderfully textural.

But that umami-laden sauce is where the magic happens.

A combination of oyster sauce, sesame oil, soy sauce, sugar, cornstarch, fresh garlic, and ginger, it’s bright, tangy, and lightly spiced.

Serve this over your favorite rice and top with green onion slices. 

Let’s address the elephant in the blog: Mongolia is a completely different country from China.

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Also, Mongolian beef is not a Mongolian recipe…and it’s not strictly Chinese either. 

Rather, it’s a Chinese-inspired dish that first came to the table in Taiwan.

It was served at the first Mongolian barbecue restaurant, but it was cooked Chinese style. 

It then made its way west, and it kept the name Mongolian Beef.

But no matter its roots, this dish is delicious! And I’ve been making it for years.

It features tender flank steak drowned in a deliciously sticky, sweet, and savory sauce.

It has a bit of heat from red chilis, but it’s not too spicy. Instead, there’s plenty of brown sugar in there to keep things mellow.

Make this once, and your family will want this Sichuan-inspired meal every night of the week! It’s that yummy.

Every bite is a whirlwind of flavors and textures. 

The beef is coated and double deep-fried, so it gets super crispy on the outside. But don’t worry, it’s still deliciously tender inside. 

Toss that crispy beef in a savory and sweet sauce of honey, soy sauce, garlic, vinegar, and sweet chili, and it’s heaven on a plate.

Veggies like carrots and scallions finish it off, and it’s extra yummy with slippery noodles.

If you’re on the hunt for a flavorful, colorful, and healthy dinner, look no further than this Hunan beef recipe.

Featuring tender beef, perfectly cooked veggies, and a delicious spicy, sweet sauce, it’s a dish the whole family will enjoy. 

And better still, you only need one skillet, so clean-up is a breeze.

Throw in whatever veggies your family likes best, and enjoy!

Ginger with scallions is one of the best flavor combinations out there. It’s bright, savory, and aromatic, with a spicy kick you’ll love.

And it’s perfect alongside beef and rice. 

Especially when everything is tossed in a super rich and savory sauce. 

There is nothing quite like braised short ribs.

The meat will literally melt in your mouth. And since everything is typically cooked in one pot, the flavors are next-level. 

Each bite of this dish is a flawless combination of sweet, spicy, savory, and spiced.

Everything that makes food taste good (salt, fat, acid, heat) works hard in this dish. And your taste buds will love it. 

Since it takes about four hours to cook, I recommend making this dish for special occasions.

Of course, it’s just as yummy on a lazy Sunday.

This Kung Pao Beef will KA-POW your taste buds in the best way you can imagine.

It features beef and peanuts cooked with chilis, ginger, peppers, and scallions. 

That’s all coated in a tangy-sweet sauce made from hoisin and Sichuan peppers.

Of course, it also has classic sauce elements like soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, and more. 

It’s delicious. So give it a try!

This dish has oodles of noodles to satisfy all your chow mein cravings. Throw in some beef and veggies, and you’ve got one tasty dinner.

It’s tossed in sauce, but not too much. That allows the ingredients to shine.

Everyone will love it – especially if you serve it with crunchy egg rolls.

In contrast to chow mein, we have lo mein, which is a much saucier dish. And I am here for it!

What can I say? I’m a sauce gal. 

This dish is just as noodly, beefy, and full of veggies. It just features a lot more rich, tantalizing sauce.  

If umami is what you’re after, try this beef and oyster sauce dish.

You’ll start by tossing the beef in a quick marinade of soy sauce, Shao Xing wine, sugar, cornstarch, and baking soda.

This helps tenderize the beef, so it’s perfectly juicy and tender. 

Then, you’ll make the tasty sauce. It’s a quick mix of oyster sauce, two kinds of soy sauce, sugar, water, sesame oil, and cornstarch.

Chop the veggies and alliums, then fry it all in a wok. Easy peasy.

This stir-fry is as easy as 1-2-3!  

Step 1: Make a delicious stir-fry sauce that you can use for all your Chinese food needs. It’s full of umami goodness and tastes great with everything

Step 2: Fry thinly sliced beef, baby bok choy, peppers, onions, and carrots in peanut oil. Then, coat everything in the tasty sauce you made earlier. 

Step 3: Enjoy! Serve this healthy dish over steamed rice and dig in. 

A stew this tasty typically takes many hours of slow cooking to reach perfection. But thanks to the Instant Pot, you can achieve the same effect in under two. 

This dish features juicy beef rib meat, chewy beef tendons, daikons, and shallots. Plus a myriad of aromatics like ginger, garlic, and green onions. 

Finally, a sweet-savory Chu Hou sauce plus chicken stock forms the stew base. So, each bite is fabulously flavorful.

Even if you hate salads, I promise you’ll love this one.

It’s not a salad in the traditional, lettuce-filled sense. Nor is it a salad in a midwestern way. 

Instead, it’s a salad featuring marinated flank steak that’s gently and quickly boiled in water. After about 45 seconds, it’s ready to come out.

Then you toss it in a sweet, savory, and spicy sauce. 

This dish is commonly served as an appetizer or as part of a meal. But it’s just as good straight from the pan.

Chinese Beef Recipes

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