2022 Silver Proof Set Released


The United States Mint just released one of their flagship products, a proof set holding the current year’s coins with most of them struck in 99.9% fine silver.

U.S. Mint product image of their 2022 Silver Proof Set
U.S. Mint product image of their 2022 Silver Proof Set

Available for $105, the same price as last year’s edition but containing three more coins, the 2022 Silver Proof Set is designed with coin collectors in mind. Proof coins feature frosted foregrounds and mirror-like backgrounds. They are the Mint’s highest quality finish.

This CoinNews photo shows a U.S. Mint 2021 Silver Proof Set
This CoinNews photo shows a U.S. Mint 2021 Silver Proof Set. Last year’s set had 3 fewer coins than this year’s set.

The set’s 10 proof coins are produced at the U.S. Mint’s facility in San Francisco. Of the 10, 7 are composed of 99.9% fine silver for a combined total of 1.473 troy ounces of silver.

2022 Silver Proof Set Contents

2022 marks the beginning of the Mint’s four-year American Women Quarters™ Program which features five unique designs annually and that is the reason for this year’s three more coins. 2021 saw just two quarters with one representing the final issue from the Mint’s long-running America the Beautiful Quarters™ Program and another showcasing the one-year-only Washington Crossing the Delaware design.

The coins in this year’s proof set include:

  • 2022-S Native American $1 Coin (Ely S. Parker)
  • 2022-S Silver Kennedy Half-Dollar
  • 2022-S Silver Maya Angelou Quarter
  • 2022-S Silver Dr. Sally Ride Quarter
  • 2022-S Silver Wilma Mankiller Quarter
  • 2022-S Silver Nina Otero-Warren Quarter
  • 2022-S Silver Anna May Wong Quarter
  • 2022-S Silver Roosevelt Dime
  • 2022-S Jefferson Nickel
  • 2022-S Lincoln Cent

In this set, the 5 quarters and the Native American $1 Coin carry designs only for 2022.

The quarters are in minted in silver and featured together in one protective lens. These coins were also released together in the 2022 Quarters Silver Proof Set, which made its short-lived debut in April and lasted for only hours before becoming unavailable.

CoinNews photo lens 2022 American Women Silver Quarters Proof Set
This CoinNews photo shows a lens holding the coins in the 2022 American Women Silver Quarters Proof Set. This set sold out. These same quarters are also in the 2022 Silver Proof Set.

The dime and half dollar are also in silver. The remaining coins — the cent, nickel and dollar — have traditional clad compositions. These 5 coins are featured together in the second protective lens.

Both lenses ship together in a protective cardboard sleeve.

Silver Proof Set Popularity

Annually issued silver proof sets are popular with collectors with hundreds of thousands sold each year. Unaudited sales of the four previous silver proof sets total:

  • 2021 – 286,465*
  • 2020 – 313,183
  • 2019 – 412,508
  • 2018 – 332,274

*The set from 2021 is still available. It showed an increase of 290 units in the Mint’s latest weekly sales report.


2022 Silver Proof Sets may be ordered from the U.S. Mint’s online page dedicated to proof sets, located here.

No mintage, household or product limits are in place.

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