Top 5 Data Center Providers in India


Data center providers

Data center providers

India contains several data center clusters throughout the country providing plenty of colocation opportunities. Datacenter providers in India offer a wide range of services to cater to the different needs of users. The data center provider ensures there are enough resources to handle a surge in resource demand. In this video, we take you through some of the top 5 data Center Providers in India

AWS: AWS, which stands for Amazon Web Services, is one of India’s leading data center providers. It is an Infrastructure as a Service platform from Amazon, the global e-commerce leader. This data center provider has raised the bar for cloud services around the world. Businesses and developers host websites, and other applications on QWS cloud servers.

Google Cloud: Google is not left out among the data center service providers in India. The platform provides tools and resources for developing web and mobile apps and expanded to offer a suite of services under what is now called Google Cloud Service. The Search Engine leader provides infrastructure and services such as database, data analytics, ML, cloud computing, etc.

Azure: Azure is a cloud service that offers infrastructure and a host of other cloud-based services. This Microsoft-powered service is widely used by developers in India for building mobile apps. They also provide redundant backup service for the platform users, allowing companies to implement data disaster recovery plans on the fly.

Digital Ocean: Digital Ocean, the globally renowned server infrastructure provider, also has data centers in India to take care of cloud service demands in Southeast Asia. The platform provides an easy-to-use admin interface for launching droplets on the fly.

Domain Racer: The Domain Racer data center offers high-performance servers with SSD storage for web hosting resellers. This data center is an excellent option for fast-growing companies. Domain Racer guarantees 99% service uptime. 

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