‘It literally has the same writers as Morbius’: Dakota Johnson Gets Trolled for Claiming Madame Web is a “Wild Experience”

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Dakota Johnson has never shied away from exposure to the public limelight, primarily because of her Hollywood celebrity parents and her very famous stepfather, Antonio Banderas, who has adored Johnson ever since knowing her. But the actress’ own venture in the industry hadn’t really manifested into mainstream cinema until the years since 2015 when she starred as the lead of the Fifty Shades trilogy, adapted from the literary sensation penned by E.L. James.

In the years that followed, the actress remained relatively in the public eye, filming roles distributed evenly over the years, until making a headline splash with her upcoming role as Sony’s debutante superhero, Madame Web. 

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

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Dakota Johnson Claims Madame Web Was a Wild Experience

While Sony’s Spider-Man Universe may not be at the height of its fame and popularity, it is growing on the steady foundation laid down by Tom Hardy’s Venom in 2018. Even though the sequel to the film didn’t have much to show for it, Sony has accumulated a reputation for putting an assortment of infamous antiheroes on the roster, including Morbius. But with only one acclaimed project on their curriculum vitae since the launch of the official SSMU, Madame Web looks to be a turning point for the franchise that the studio looks to build parallel to the Disney x Marvel juggernaut.

Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney on the sets of Madame Web
Dakota Johnson and Sydney Sweeney on the sets of Madame Web

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Starring Dakota Johnson in the lead, Madame Web‘s release has been set for 2024. Her casting confirmation, which was almost as quiet as the actress herself when it comes to her role in the superhero flick, came early last year. In relation to her role as the titular Madame Web, Johnson recently claimed:

“It was a wild experience. It was something that I…I don’t think you can be prepped to go into anything like that, but I learned so much. It’s a completely different way of making films.”

The SSMU has been established as the launching pad for lesser-known superheroes that have largely parried under the shadows of their more popular counterparts. Born out of the Spider-Man subset of the Marvel comics, characters belonging to the SSMU specifically have an intricate tie to the young web-slinger. Madame Web belongs to that subset, as does Venom, Morbius, and the wildly anticipated Kraven the Hunter.

Madame Web Announcement Gets En Masse Fan Criticism

Madame Web receives critical backlash
Madame Web receives critical backlash

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Madame Web boasts of a largely female-driven cast looking to make a statement by featuring the underdog comic heroine in her first-ever live-action debut. Sony’s platform allows this comic superhero to grow fully through her solo venture, focusing on Madame Web’s narrative instead of introducing her on the sidelines via a Spider-Man subplot.

Though much hasn’t been revealed about Madame Web‘s plot itself, Sony’s vastly open roster and surplus investment opportunities allow the studio to proliferate these smaller characters into the limelight. But, such an opportunity doesn’t sound too lucrative for the marketable audience, some of whom have correctly pointed out that it’s not so much the character as the scriptwriter for the film that is being called out and criticized.

In Sony’s lineup next rest Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Kraven the Hunter, Donald Glover’s Techno Hustler, Silk, Bad Bunny’s El Muerto, Jackpot, Nightwatch, and Silver Sable. Among the rumored projects lies a much-in-demand Sinister Six which has been made more feasible to be pursued by Sony after 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home. If it indeed comes to pass, the alliance will witness Michael Keaton’s Vulture coming together with Morbius, Venom, Kraven, and others to strike against their common adversary, Spider-Man.

Madame Web premieres on February 16, 2024.

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