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COLORADO SPRINGS — This week the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum kicked off their Gift of History campaign.

Founded in 1896, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum CSPM, shares and perserves Pikes Peak regional history.

«Pioneers museum is a place to learn, reflect, to think about the history of the Pikes Peak region, but also to look for yourself, for your own story,» said Meg Poole, Porgram Coordinator CSPM. «We tell your story. We preserve your story. We challenge you to think about your own story. And really, we are preserving your collection and your history.»

The week-long fundraising activities included food trucks on Tuesday, lunch and learn event on Wednesday, new volunteer information on Thursday and a downtown history stroll on Friday.

The campaign is aimed to help the museum raise $100,000 to support their exhibits and programs.

«We have already raised $60,000, but we’re working to get to $100,000. The campaign runs through the end of the month,» said Poole. «Your generous donation goes to benefit our mission.»

Making Memories Downtown History Stroll visited10 spots throughout Colorado Springs.

«The goal of this is to get out to explore downtown Colorado Springs, to learn about your community, to slow down,» said Poole. «For some people, downtown is a place to get a great cocktail or to go shopping. For other people, this is a place of protest and sharing about the things that matter to you most.»

Jennifer Miller, History Stroll Attendee, said she signed up for the tour to learn more about the history of downtown.

«We just thought it’d be really interesting,» said Miller. «We’ve been to the museum before and loved it and just thought that we could learn a lot about the history of our town.»

She also said how much museum means to her and her family.

«The building itself is beautiful, and the history that’s preserved there is wonderful,» said Miller. «We’re very thankful that we have it in our community.»

August 6 there is a family fun day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. featuring free activity booths, puppet shows, live music and food trucks. For information on the event visit CSPM website.

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