What happens if your dog bites someone?

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BISMARCK, N.D. (KXNET) — Whether it’s a serious or minor injury if you get bit by a dog and it breaks skin the Bismarck Police Department wants you to report it.

According to police, it’s important to report dog bites. This helps the department keep track of dog bite encounters.

And if you do get bitten, police say you should seek medical attention immediately.

If someone goes to the hospital or seeks medical attention, medical staff is required to report it to the police department.

And if your dog is the one who bites someone, there are a few steps you will be required to take.

«If your dog does bite somebody, first time kind of an accident it will be a police report and you will get quarantine papers,» said Mike Thune with the Bismarck Police Department. «You’ll go to the vet on day one and you’ll go back 10 days later. The vet will then sign off and you turn the quarantine paperwork back to us. Then we close the report out.»

Police say there is a leash law in the city of Bismarck. If the dog is on your property, it does not have to be on a leash, but as soon as the dog is on public property, it must be leashed.

The only two places your dog doesn’t have to be on a leash are at your home or at the dog park.

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