What is the Lion’s Gate Portal and how can you make the most of it?


This is the time to shed an old version of yourself (Picture: Getty Images)

Breathe, this isn’t like a Mercury Retrograde.

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens up once a year on August 8 (and is often referred to as ‘8/8’ by spiritualists, who associate the number with abundance). It presents the opportunity to experience a positive force of energy – if you’re of this belief.

Lions are associated with strength in tarot and right now, we’re in Leo season.

Every year the portal gives us a chance to ‘evolve’, so to speak, and walk into being a more empowered version of ourselves that’s closer to living the life we truly want to live.

Bex Milford, the astrologer and cosmic coach behind Cosmic Cures, tells us the portal is created ‘when Sirius, the second largest star in our galaxy, is closest to the earth, and aligns with our sun’.

‘As Sirius rises in the eastern horizon in the constellation of Leo, it joins our sun,’ she says.

‘In astrology, Sirius is associated with our higher aspirations. Whereas our sun is linked to our potential in life, our identity and our ego, Sirius helps illuminate our spiritual aspirations and elevated karmic journey in this lifetime.’

The Leo constellation (Picture: Getty)

When these energies align, this creates the Lion’s Gate Portal, through which down on earth we receive ‘light codes’ (messages) that can allow us to ‘reach a new awareness within ourselves.’

‘It so happens that this year the moon is also getting involved, conjunct the sun to form the new moon in Leo making even more opportunity for magic,’ she adds.

So how long do you have to harness these energies?

The Lion’s Gate Portal opens between July 26 and August 12, but peaks on August 8, which is also known as the Galactic New Year.

‘8/8 is also important in numerology since 8 is the symbol for infinity turned sideways and is associated with luck and good fortune,’ Bex says.

How can you make the most of the Lion’s Gate Portal?

With this open window for good energy, it’s a good time for manifestation and self-reflection.

‘Think of it like a new year and the new resolutions we have. This can be seen as a new year for our “spiritual consciousness”,’ says Bex.

‘We want to break old patterns and karmic loops that limit us from evolving spiritually.

‘Since it’s also a New Moon, this is the ideal time for setting intentions that will usher a new state of being – like ascending the next “level” of our lives, if we embrace messages from our intuition as well as signs from the Universe.

Time for change, for all signs (Picture: Getty)

‘This is a time to step into the person you want to become, notice where you’re living from a “past” version of yourself.

‘Are the choices you make on a day-to-day basis founded on a belief you no longer have or that doesn’t serve you?.’

Today you should be aware of the encounters you have with people, as Bex warns there could be meaning in them, so it can be helpful to note down anything that need further reflection.

Things to do on 8/8, the Lion’s Gate Portal opening

  • Make time for a form of meditation or yoga: Bex says it can ‘clear your mind and allow inspiration, ideas and “messages” to make themselves known,’ but for this to happen, ‘we want to feel willing to accept all forms of transformation and evolution. To make the most of this then the key is self-acceptance. If we’re still resistant to the person we are, how can we hope to appreciate and work with the next version of ourselves?’
  • Use stones and crystals: Particularly citrine (which is linked to happiness), sunstone and amber. They’re a mode of aligning your own frequency so you’re in a receptive state for insights.
  • Set intentions: Reflect on a ‘dream scenario’ of the person you’d like to become over the next few months. Then decide on three actions you’re going to begin taking from today to help you get here.
  • Journalling: Do this to help with identifying where it is you’re holding onto old patterns and behaviours. Questions to ask yourself include:

What makes me feel most powerful and confident in life? What activities make me feel as if I’m treading my true path?

Where do I currently feel frustrated, limited and stuck in life?

How am I blocking myself off from stepping into the role I want to play in this life?

What fears stop me from taking centre stage or allowing myself to follow my dreams?

What limiting thought patterns or habits can I shift? How can I allow myself to open myself up to vulnerability or change in order to usher in a new way of thinking?

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